Offer Technical Support

Date: 04.11.2021

Prepared by: Georgi Lazarov

Director Business Development

+359 896 82 22 82

[email protected]

Dear Mr. Nikov, is pleased to offer You the following for Technical Support.

IT Services offers highly qualified technical support to ensure fast, quality and professional solution of all your technical problems. We use technologies with a high degree of security and reliability to build and maintain solutions, leading to increased efficiency and reduced costs for the CLIENT.

Our specialists will provide you with immediate assistance in maintaining your hardware, software, computer network or server. At the moment of receiving the signal, our highly qualified IT specialist will deal with it immediately. You can count on quick results, consultation and recommendations.

Subscription IT support at the offices in Sofia includes administration of the entire information structure – operating systems, application software, workstations, servers, active network equipment and IT infrastructure.

Technical support is performed on-site, or via remote access; by email, or over the phone.

In the event of a technical problem with warranty equipment, all communication with the warranty service, transmission and receipt of equipment is performed by ITservices. will be happy to temporarily supply your office with a substitute workstation, while we repair a workstation included under this subscription.

IT specialist is personally assigned to a client and monitors the status of the IT infrastructure under care. We provide the perfect technical support, because we oblige to the principle of preventive thinking in order to avoid critical situations.


Monthly subscription fee for 50 hours IT suppoort:                        2 250.00 BGN, excluding VAT.           

Monthly subscription fee includes:


Initial response time for new cases: up to 1 hour for remote maintenance within a working day and up to 2 hours if you need on-site assistance during the workday.


Fee for each additional hour: BGN 45, excluding VAT.


We offer unlimited number of visits for qualified technology incidents


Opportunity for free testing of IT products.


We have preferential pricing for IT equipment, supplies and consumables.

You can use our web-based on-line support system at:  and TeamViewer Help.

Service Level Agreement


This SLA defines the terms of Customer`s responsibility with respect to the Services that IT services provides and Customer`s remedies in the event that IT services fails to meet these Service Commitments.

  1. Definitions. The following are definitions of capitalized words used in this Agreement:
    • Agreement” The Customer’s use of and access to Services is governed by this Service Level Agreement
    • “Business Hours” means 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Eastern European Time – EET), Monday through Friday, and, notwithstanding the foregoing, does not include times during Service Maintenance.
    • “Service Maintenance” means IT services’s maintaining of the Service including software. Service Maintenance includes, without limitation, database index rebuilding, hardware upgrades, software upgrades, and network upgrades, as applicable.
  2. Service Availability.
    • IT services`s goal is to provide Service Availability twenty-four hours per day, 7 days per week (referred to as “24×7 Availability”) EXCEPT during times of Service Maintenance as set forth in Section 3.4 herein. However, the parties recognize that 24×7 Availability is only a GOAL, and IT services cannot represent or guarantee that such goal can be achieved.
    • Service Availability Level Goals. IT services shall use reasonable efforts to achieve the target Service Availability Goal of 99,39% network uptime except during scheduled Service Maintenance (“Service Commitment”). Notwithstanding the foregoing, Customer recognizes that the Internet is comprised of thousands upon thousands of autonomous systems that are beyond the control of IT services. Routing anomalies, asymmetries, inconsistencies and failures of the Internet outside of the control of IT services can and will occur, and such instances shall not be considered any failure of the 99.39% network uptime.
    • Reaction Time to Error. IT services has internal notification tools for service problems. Additionally, Customer may report problems to IT services Support at Once notified IT services Support will react as soon as possible. Note that these guidelines specify the time to begin investigation of the problem, not the length of time within which such problem will be resolved.
    • Service Maintenance.
      • IT services shall attempt to schedule Service Maintenance outside of working hours. However, the parties agree that it may be necessary for IT services to perform Service Maintenance during times other than those specified, and IT services reserves the right to perform Service Maintenance during times other than those outside of working hours.
      • Disclaimer of actions caused by and/or under the control of third parties. IT services does not and cannot control the flow of data to or from IT services’s network and other portions of the internet. Such flow depends in large part on the performance of internet services provided or controlled by third parties. At times, actions or inactions of such third parties can impair or disrupt customer’s connections to the internet (or portions thereof). Although IT services will use commercially reasonable efforts to take actions it deems appropriate to remedy and avoid such events, IT services cannot guarantee that such events will not occur. Accordingly, IT services disclaims any and all liability resulting from or related to such events.
      • IT services cannot assume responsibility and shall not be liable for any impacts on Service Availability due to (i) any requests for non-standard environment or Customer machine access; (ii) any downtime caused by Customer; or (iii) any changes to the Service by parties other than IT services. IT services will make reasonable efforts to ensure that Service changes do not affect customers.
      • IT services reserves the right to change this SLA at any time, and without notice.
  1. Financial Penalties for SLA Violations
    • In the event that IT services fails to respond to a case, will incur a penalty of 1% for each delayed hour within the working day 9-18, but not more than 10% of the minimum monthly fee (2 250.00 BGN)
    • In order to qualify for a penalty, Customer must be current on all payment obligations, and not be in violation of the Contract, or any other policies and procedures of this Agreement.
    • No fees will be given for service interruptions: (i) caused by the action or failure to act by Customer, (ii) due to failure of any equipment or software provided by Customer, (iii) which are the result of scheduled maintenance, (iv) due to a force majeure event or (v) resulting from Customer’s breach of the Contract, or any other policies and procedures of this Agreement.
    • Total cumulative fees during any given month shall not exceed 100% of the minimum monthly fee (2 250.00 BGN)

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