видеоконферентни решения



ITServices.bg offers a full range of LifeSize Communications video conferencing products. LifeSize is a leader in high-definition (HD) video communications and delivered world’s first HD video products. A few reasons make LifeSize products special:

  • Full HD quality picture
  • Exceptional balance between value and productivity
  • Convenience, flexibility and interoperability
  • Part of the overall IT and audio/video infrastructure

Call us today! We will be happy to provide you a full range of services: demos, help with your selection, product delivery, installation, optimization, training, warranty and out-of-warranty service.


Tandberg is now part of Cisco, but even prior to the Cisco TelePresence acquisition, the Tandberg brand was among the fastest growing telepresence companies.

Cisco markets video solutions in over 90 countries worldwide. The goal is improved ROI irrespective of the organization: universities, financial institutions or public sector entities.

Cisco offers a wide variety of TelePresence products for conference rooms, desktops and home office. The robust infrastructure and administration tools enable the consumer to communicate directly within or outside of the organization.

In addition to off-the-shelf videoconferencing solutions we offer specialized videoconferencing network infrastructure, Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) devices used to bridge videoconferencing connections, recording, streaming and archival systems, as well as a variety of peripherals and accessories.

We believe that by offering a standardized approach and interoperability we provide sustainable and scalable technologies that grow and protect your investment.